Daniele en Eliza trouwen in Piëmonte


Trouwfotograaf Italië - Bruiloft in Piëmonte van Daniele en Eliza


I love Italy. For someone who hails from a country with dubious priorities, bad food and worse weather, there is something very seductive about the land with the sunny slopes and copious cuisine. And ever since I was granted the honor of photographing Daniele and Eliza’s wedding in Piedmont, that love has grown into adoration.

See, in my years as a tourist I’ve seen most of the hotspots and a truckload of quintessentially Italian villages. A real glimpse into the heart and soul of Italians, however, had been somewhat lacking. Until that simply brilliant weekend in august, that is. And just maybe, it made me realize that I love Italy and the Italians so much because they do most things completely different than we Dutchies do. With passion, pride, warmth and gusto. The Dutch only seem to kickstart into life when our football team performs well and I’m sure that by now everyone knows how that ended…

Apart from a huge reality check, I was struck by the feeling of gratitude that radiated from everyone attending. I also remember fondly being mocked by Daniele, who inspected my hand and deemed I nearly hadn’t had enough focaccia because my fingers were nowhere near greasy enough. “So stop whatever you’re doing and go get some more.” Yes sir.

I loved the raw emotions, guests who made attending a wedding in a white shirt and swimming trunks look stylish, the orange bowties, the wooden clogs, the guys my age who switched from fluent Italian to English to Spanish to Dutch and back again, the sun on my face and the epic party to cap it all off.

I’m extremely proud of and grateful for the awards I won with the picture above, but the happiest feeling will forever be the unforgettable experience. Special thanks to Adolfo and his team for working your butts off, Charlie and Sandra for being the catalyst for this adventure (and the red-wine assault on Friday night 😉 ), Gerrit for chasing me with beers ‘to prevent dehydration’ (haha), ‘De Wijven’ for keeping me company (sorry for the missed flight, Ria) and finally, of course, Dani and Eliza for being true, crazy and awesome.

Namasté e grazie mille.


“De foto vat het gevoel van de dag heel goed samen: zo onbeschrijfelijk bijzonder! Omringd door familie, vrienden en de natuur, en Dani & ik op weg naar het volgende avontuur. De foto is alles.” – Daniele en Eliza.

Many Many Thanks

Dank voor de interesse in mij als trouwfotograaf op jullie grote dag! Het is natuurlijk ongelooflijk belangrijk dat jullie mijn foto’s mooi vinden, maar dat jullie mij als persoon een al even mooie vent vinden, is in mijn ogen nog veel belangrijker. Ik wil jullie bruiloft fotograferen als een vriend met een camera, want geen klik is geen clicks. Samen uit, samen thuis. Samen lachen, samen huilen. Kennismaken? Heel graag.

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