De bruiloft op Sint Eustatius van Sybolt en Marlies


De Caribbean Wedding van Sybolt en Marlies


Have you ever had the feeling you walked onto a movie set? Not me. Well, until I set foot on St Eustatius, that is. Caribbean sun and vibe, ruins, canon fortresses, ships and the lingering suspense that Johnny Depp could run onto the beach any minute. Sounds fun, right? Imagine it’s the location for a wedding and that you’re the lucky bastard pirate to document it.

Sint Eustatius, or Statia as the locals affectionately call the tiny island, was a major trading hub back in the day when pirates like Jack Sparrow truly roamed the seas. To be honest: there is not much left of all those riches. In fact: it’s as far off the beaten track as you can imagine and apart from The Old Gin House, there is little five star luxury. But it has character aplenty and therefore was just what Sybolt and Marlies were looking for when they searched the Caribbean for their perfect wedding location.

If I don’t stop myself know I would probably write a book on my week there and chuck in all the 750 wedding pictures for good measure. Babble on about the absolutely amazing time I had there with their family and friends, some of which I’ve known for over 25 years and some I wished I had known for 25 years.

I’d better not and keep it to this: I was told it was eight years (!) ago that a foreign couple got married on the Golden Rock of the Caribbean. I count myself endlessly and extremely fortunate to be the one who got to hold the camera during this destination wedding on St Eustatius.

So, to Lies, her loud, hairy jigsaw piece and all you party animals: thanks for the incredible experience and the memories that will last for life. I raise an imaginary gin-tonic in your honor. Drink up me hearties, yo ho.


Caribbean wedding St Eustatius


Lodging and wedding party locationThe Old Gin House
Wedding ceremony Statia location: Dutch Reformed Church
Wedding reception location: Fort Oranje

Many Many Thanks

Dank voor de interesse in mij als trouwfotograaf op jullie grote dag! Het is natuurlijk ongelooflijk belangrijk dat jullie mijn foto’s mooi vinden, maar dat jullie mij als persoon een al even mooie vent vinden, is in mijn ogen nog veel belangrijker. Ik wil jullie bruiloft fotograferen als een vriend met een camera, want geen klik is geen clicks. Samen uit, samen thuis. Samen lachen, samen huilen. Kennismaken? Heel graag.

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